Launch of DUET Edge by PartnerRe

PARIS, France, January 20, 2021 – PartnerRe is pleased to announce today the launch of DUET Edge by PartnerRe, a digital underwriting solution for life insurers, helping to drive growth in this dynamic sector.

DUET Edge by PartnerRe simplifies the life insurance buying experience, creating an intuitive customer journey.

PartnerRe has developed its digital underwriting solution to make it possible for PartnerRe’s life reinsurance clients to automate their risk underwriting. Thanks to DUET Edge by PartnerRe, medical underwriting and vocational, sports and international travel risks are all simply handled through an interactive online path, seamlessly linked to predictive algorithms.

This solution uses leading-edge technologies and offers enhanced flexibility within the underwriting rule base, enabling each life insurer to define their own risk selection philosophy and to adapt questions to the applicant and to any type of product.

A life insurance sales platform, embedded with DUET Edge by PartnerRe, provides a best-in-class buying experience to life insurance applicants, increasing the likelihood of successful completion of the sales process.

Marc Archambault, PartnerRe’s CEO Life & Health said, “We are excited to bring DUET Edge by PartnerRe to our clients. Drawing on PartnerRe’s extensive, global expertise, we aimed to create a solution that offers true harmony between expert underwriting and sales. Thanks to DUET Edge by PartnerRe, our clients now have a simple and flexible tool that is easy to integrate and customize, allowing them to achieve growth while maintaining a rigorous selection policy.”

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