DUET Edge by PartnerRe

DUET Edge by PartnerRe gives you an edge in your market by ensuring that all applicants benefit from a best-in-class buying experience – A perfect harmony of expert underwriting and sales, in partnership with PartnerRe.

Grow your Life portfolio by integrating DUET Edge by PartnerRe into your sales platform. With this platform, all individual Life customers, whatever the risk and complexity, experience a refreshingly fast, intuitive and stress-free application process.

DUET Edge by PartnerRe is easy to integrate, customizable to your sales interface and underwriting philosophy, and can seamlessly link to predictive models and risk management frameworks. DUET Edge by PartnerRe also gives you access to PartnerRe’s extensive global underwriting expertise and is fully maintained by PartnerRe.

Exclusively available to PartnerRe Life clients in France, DUET Edge by PartnerRe differentiates your applicant’s buying experience and increases the likelihood of a sale:

Offers all applicants a best-in-class buying experience

  • The applicant follows a fast and intuitive application process.
  • Dynamic and context-sensitive questioning saves the applicant time and reduces frustration.
  • Compatible with all devices – more flexibility for the applicant.
  • Compatible with all distribution channels.

Eases the underwriting process

  • Reduces additional medical tests and referrals, freeing-up your underwriting resources.
  • Can integrate with most risk scoring models (e.g. health scores) to accelerate the underwriting process.
  • Automated decisions can be adapted to your unique underwriting philosophy and risk management framework, and to your distribution channel.

Optimizes the cover offered to the applicant

  • Evaluates possible cover options and determines the best fit for the applicant.

Supports continuous learning and new product development

  • Dynamically generates insights to help shape your future product strategy, solutions and applicant buying experience.

Benefits from PartnerRe’s extensive medical underwriting expertise

  • Based on PAR, PartnerRe’s comprehensive medical underwriting manual – underwriting via a pre-configured rule base of over 1,000 impairments or health concerns, 4,000 occupations, 800 sports and 200 travel destinations.

Easy to install and integrate, and fully maintained by PartnerRe

  • Facilitated by visual API documentation.

To deliver a differentiated, best-in-class buying experience, contact us now. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dominique Bruneau-Dansan

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