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We bring deep industry experience across reinsurance and stop loss markets.

We believe a true partnership is much more than a transaction. As a financially strong leader in the U.S. Health Reinsurance and Stop Loss markets, we focus on exceptional partner relationships to help you reach your goals and provide financial peace of mind.

  • Leading carrier of HMO Reinsurance and Provider Stop Loss
  • Direct writer of Employer Stop Loss business for 25+ years
  • Broad and deep industry experience across all U.S. Health market segments
  • Cross-functional team of underwriters, actuaries, clinical consultants and claims specialists providing excellent service and support.
  • Flat organizational structure and responsive decision-making

Discover our proven suite of financial and analytical tools along with our high-quality service and support solutions.


In today’s changing healthcare environment, it’s important to have a committed, long-term partner who will create customized, cost-effective solutions so you can effectively manage your exposures. We take a customer centric approach to health reinsurance, offering a full range of solutions including consultative underwriting, actuarial support, and PULSE + Plus® program services.

Medical Reinsurance
When it comes to addressing the complex medical risk management needs of insurance companies, captives, and other risk-bearing entities, our team is there to provide extensive industry knowledge, analysis, and innovation to help manage risk and mitigate catastrophic losses.

HMO Reinsurance
PartnerRe is a leader in HMO Reinsurance, providing clients with customized solutions tailored to meet their diverse needs. With an increase in private market risk of both Medicare and Medicaid, we have a deep understanding of all government healthcare programs along with Commercial and Exchange populations.

Kelly Munger
Kelly Munger
Head of US Health
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Travis Brenden
Travis Brenden
Chief Underwriting Officer, US Health
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Employer Stop Loss

With an ever-changing healthcare landscape, you need a partner who is committed to helping clients navigate market challenges and provide cost-effective solutions for managing risk and limiting losses.  As a direct writer of employer stop loss, we work closely with you to navigate market challenges, implement customized solutions, and employ cost-effective health risk management programs.

Partnership Advantage:

  • No new laser / renewal rate cap at contract renewal option
  • Plan mirroring
  • Experience Refunds
  • Aggregating Specific Deductibles
  • Transplant benefit options
  • Access to all PULSE + Plus® program services

Our team offers a unique customer experience, combining personalized “small town” warmth with “big city” capabilities and expertise.

Adam Nelson
Adam Nelson
VP, Employer Stop Loss, US Health
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Provider Stop Loss

Alternative payment models combined with a focus on delivery of quality care has become a growing trend in healthcare. Value Based Care is impacting the industry in many areas, where providers and provider-backed / provider-owned entities are either first time risk takers or expanding their overall risk exposure. PartnerRe offers Provider Stop Loss insurance to protect provider entities against the financial volatility associated with large claims or costly new technologies.

  • Active in ACO REACH and Kidney Care Choices market
  • Offer bundled payment solutions

Specialty Medical
We work with healthcare clients of all types, including Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Kidney Care choices (KCC), specialty carve-outs and bundled payment providers. Our team helps tailor coverage aimed at addressing risk and capitalizing on new opportunities.

Kelly Munger
Kelly Munger
Head of US Health
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Travis Brenden
Travis Brenden
Chief Underwriting Officer, US Health
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Gene & Cell Therapy

Technological advances in gene and cell therapy are becoming one of the most important issues affecting insurance payors and entities taking healthcare risk. PartnerRe takes a client-centered approach to protecting our clients from financial volatility caused by gene and cell therapy claims by offering customized solutions to fit our client’s risk appetite and unique coverage needs. The number of new therapies expected to be approved by the FDA is increasing. We continually monitor the effects of high-cost therapies on the market and provide our clients with educational updates and insights.

We are here for you every step of the way – from underwriting and actuarial support to our dedicated team of clinical consultants who support our clients with assistance in identifying potential gene and cell therapy claimants, performing clinical reviews, and offering access to networks to mitigate provider cost mark-ups.

Proactively managing risk while navigating complex, high-cost claims is not an easy task. PULSE + Plus® is a complementary service offering for our health reinsurance and stop loss programs that helps clients proactively manage risk and find optimal solutions to achieve the best clinical and financial outcomes. Our team of dedicated clinical consultants work with clients to limit and prohibit high-cost mark-ups through integrated medical management solutions.

Discover our core services to fit your unique needs.

Value-added services you can expect

The emerging Gene & Cell therapies continue to be one of the most important topics affecting the healthcare market. Our team of clinical consultants are here to help you navigate this ever-changing industry and manage your risk through integrated medical management solutions that optimize clinical and financial outcomes. We work with you to limit and prohibit high-cost mark-ups on new life enhancing treatments.

When you work with the PULSE + Plus® team, you have direct access to a dedicated team of clinical consultants who help identify and work with clients to mitigate against high-cost markups:

  • Access to top networks specializing in gene & cell therapies and their programs of excellence that reduce or prohibit therapy markups
  • Best practices related to prior authorization and plan language
  • Specialty physician review services to validate treatment and medical necessity
  • Support in identifying members most likely to receive therapies
  • Ongoing insights & education on emerging therapies and market trends

Helping you navigate transplant network options

Organ and bone marrow transplants are a leading driver of catastrophic costs for health plans. The growing waitlists, technology advancements and changes in contract methodologies continue to affect the expense of transplant procedures. Our team can help you navigate the complex network and understand your options.

  • Access to top 5 transplant networks
  • Network comparison performed for best clinical and financial outcomes and recommendation on most favorable contract
  • Network contract placement and payment issue resolution
  • Interpreting data from nationally recognized sources to assist client in making facility decision

Delving deep into large hospital claims

When it comes to high dollar claims, validating appropriate reimbursement is part of the due diligence the PULSE + Plus® team offers. Even with exceptional case management and contract rates, there is still a risk of accruing inaccurate fees that can be caused by unbundling, level of care, duplicate charges, experimental therapies, egregious markups or other billing errors.

Our team will dive deep into large hospital claims to help mitigate your risk:

  • Complimentary pre-screen by curated vendor partners and appeal support
  • Validation of appropriateness of claim charges
  • High dollar bill reviews:
  • Duplicate and/or unbundled charges
  • Hospital acquired conditions
  • Egregious markups
  • Experimental/Investigational and Reasonable/Customary

Collaborative approach, complementing the services provided

To help clients mitigate financial risk, we work closely in collaboration with you and our select group of curated, best-in-class vendor partners. Working with TPAs and MCOs nationwide, we provide clinical expertise to help generate real savings.

  • In-depth review of highest dollar, complex cases with potential savings greater than clean claim reviews
  • Support and resources to enhance medical management services
  • Consultation from clinical consultants who provide guidance on regional and national trends
  • Committed to working within pre-payment deadlines with in-depth reviews
  • Solutions to support managing claims outside of your region
Missy Kveene
Missy Kveene
Vice President, Managing Director, PULSE + Plus®, US Health
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