Marine &
Upstream Energy

Worldwide protection and technical reinsurance services for all major marine and upstream lines

From the transportation of goods and liabilities created by ship-owners to the complex needs of the offshore industry, these volatile reinsurance categories require in-depth understanding and constant monitoring.

As a recognised long-term treaty leader, we are committed to providing you with secure, specialised reinsurance protection for hull, cargo, marine liability and offshore energy treaties on a proportional and non-proportional basis. We have a strong and consistent focus on technical underwriting and capital cost considerations, while remaining flexible and open to partnership on innovative solutions to meet your specific needs.

We offer lead proportional capacity for hull and cargo solutions focusing on your individual requirements, because we understand that every client is unique. From understanding your precise portfolio mix to a thorough assessment of your risks, our mission is to ensure that the products we provide fully address the complexities of maritime risks. We also offer support for marine liability solutions.

We offer lead proportional capacity for offshore energy solutions, including products for the energy transition. At the heart of our offering lies a deep understanding of the unique needs of our long-standing client base. We combine this knowledge with our proven track record in assessing and managing exposures in order to provide tailored solutions to address your needs.

Andrew Stapleton
Andrew Stapleton
Head of Marine & Upstream
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