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Find out what it’s like to work for a company where you shape your own career, make an impact and get the support you need to grow and develop, while being part of a global community of experts. Discover the PartnerRe Experience.

Living The PartnerRe Experience

Our unique culture, shaped by the values we live by, and the experiences you can expect when you work for PartnerRe, is what we call, The PartnerRe Experience.

Our values underpin who we are and how we go about reaching our goals. They describe the behaviors that shape the company we want to be and guide us on how to interact with each other and our stakeholders.


We speak and act with integrity — doing the right thing, standing up to wrongdoing, taking responsibility for our actions, and honoring our commitments.


We are performance driven, challenging ourselves to outperform and following through on clear goals that support our business partners and deliver results to our owner.


We are one PartnerRe, collaborating across teams by putting the company’s goals at the center of what we do.

Straightforward Communication

We speak directly, in a respectful, professional manner – even if it’s a tough conversation – saying what is needed for others to know where we stand or to help someone grow or to improve our performance.

Respect and Care

We are considerate of others, committed to a culture of inclusion and mindful the impact of our words and actions on each other, our business partners, and our society.

At PartnerRe, we want you to grow and progress as an individual so that you can shape your own career, grow in a supportive environment, connect with a community of experts and make an impact.

A great workplace is about many different things: the people you work with, the opportunities for progression and learning, the working environment itself and the opportunity to adopt a working style that works for you and the company.

PartnerRe aims to provide a healthy work environment that inspires ambition while supporting work-life habits that reduce stress and build resilience.

Flexible working
Getting the right work / life balance is increasingly important for many of us. PartnerRe provides an office-based culture with the flexibility to work remotely on Mondays and Fridays.

Focus on well being
PartnerRe has invested in a global employee well-being program called “Stay Fit” aimed at building healthy work-life habits. Employees can receive additional support available through our company employee assistance program.

Modern workplace
Our offices are designed to be an attractive, engaging and distinctive place to work for our employees. Designed to support our core value of collaboration, they allow a balance of collaborative and concentrated work.

My expectation was that I would have to do a lot of hard work, I’d be surrounded by brilliant people and I’d have access to different resources in order to get the business done, and so far that has been my experience at PartnerRe.

Ebony Brockington

AVP Underwriter, Global Catastrophe

PartnerRe’s size and global reach mean you have many opportunities to collaborate and learn from colleagues around the world, whether you are based in our Zurich, Paris, London, Stamford, Dublin, Toronto, Singapore or Bermuda offices, or one of our other locations. For more information on our office locations click here.

At PartnerRe, we have a culture of high performance and to help our people reach their best, we create opportunities for development in line with our business needs.

Shape your career
Building the career you want is a life-long process of investing time and resources to achieve your career ambitions. At PartnerRe, employees are encouraged and supported to maximize their career potential through learning and development, performance management, mobility and promotion.

Find opportunities for stretch
We want all our employees to have the opportunity to fully develop their abilities and potential. We aim wherever possible, to fill vacancies by training and developing our own employees. This means that there are excellent opportunities for growth within PartnerRe.

Develop new skills
A high-performing organization is a learning organization fueled by a growth mindset. Our learning and development platform is at the center of our people-development strategy. It is an extensive resource that offers employees limitless opportunities to learn and develop using a variety of media where you can work at your own pace.

Obtain your professional designation(s)
PartnerRe employees working in actuarial and accounting fields are encouraged to obtain their professional designations through our Actuarial and Accounting Work Study Programs. These enable employees to balance their work and study schedules with study days and offer reimbursement for exam fees and materials.

If you’re the type of person who takes the initiative and makes the most of resources available to you, then you’ll find unlimited opportunities at PartnerRe to expand your knowledge and grow in whatever area you choose. We have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the industry here and so if you are curious and not afraid to reach out to your colleagues, you’ll have access to literally anyone in the organization. If you do that, you’ll open the door to a lot of interesting experiences and some new career paths you might not have thought of.

Pedro Reyes

SVP, Senior Underwriter, Property & Casualty Latin America

Being part of a global community means that we are a diverse company by our very nature. We are committed to fostering an environment and culture in which people of all backgrounds and identities are welcome and have the opportunity to grow, network and perform at their best.

Culture of inclusion
Creating an environment where every employee feels welcome and respected matters to us. Whether at Board or entry level, everyone at PartnerRe is expected to live the behaviors that foster an inclusive culture and an environment of respect.

Employee resource groups
Our Diversity & Inclusion Council is dedicated to driving and fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equity-based work environment within the context of the organization’s mission, values, goals, business practices and objectives. In addition, we have a number of voluntary, employee-led Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that represent BBIPOC (Black, Brown, Indigenous People of Color), PRIDE and Women@PartnerRe. All employees are welcome to join these resource groups and to play an active role.


This group is dedicated to promoting a diverse, open and inclusive environment within PartnerRe and providing a forum for BBIPOC (Black, Brown, Indigenous and other People of Color) employees to share concerns, identify pain points and to initiate events aimed at raising awareness of issues important to this community.


PartnerRe’s PRIDE group consists of LGBTQ+ colleagues and their allies committed to fostering mutual support, building community and enhancing LGBTQ+ visibility and representation. Our community organizes companywide events and speaker panels to raise awareness and promote allyship for LGBTQ+ topics.


The Women@PartnerRe group is PartnerRe’s longest-serving ERG and aims to promote gender equality at PartnerRe. Over the years, it has raised awareness of gender disparity through companywide events and contributed to discussions on company policies and employee benefits.

Reinsurers play a pivotal role in global risk management by providing insurance to insurance companies against catastrophic losses by absorbing a portion of their risk. By assuming these risks, we ensure that insurers remain viable following large natural and manmade disasters, allowing businesses and communities around the world to rebuild and their local economies to recover.

With a career in reinsurance, you will be part of a global community of risk management experts dedicated to providing capital and deep risk management expertise to your insurer clients.

Hear from some of our employees below to find out more about the different career paths available in reinsurance and what it’s like to work at PartnerRe.



PartnerRe does not interview employment candidates or make offers of employment solely on the basis of telephone or electronic interviews or other communications. Authorized PartnerRe email communications are sent only from an official email address. In addition, PartnerRe does not request payments of money from employment candidates before or after an offer of employment is made.

We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal data. Our Employee Privacy Notice outlines specific occasions when we collect or process personal data, why we are collecting it and how your personal data will be used.

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