PartnerRe Capital Management

PartnerRe Capital Management (PRCM) leverages the competitive strengths of PartnerRe to deliver portfolios of private reinsurance risk for sophisticated investors.

We manage a series of investment strategies tailored to specified risk/return appetites and our flexible investment platform allows bespoke solutions for large investment mandates.

Our investment strategies offer:

Diversification & Low-correlation
As one of the largest diversified global reinsurers, we are able to construct reinsurance portfolios spanning multiple lines of business and geographies each with low or no correlation to traditional financial markets.

Alignment & Transparency
PartnerRe ensures alignment of interest with investors through co-participation in reinsurance risks whilst providing investors with granular reporting and insight.

Our flexible investment platform and utilization of the PartnerRe balance sheet provides capital and operational efficiency.

Our Model

  • PRCM builds portfolios of reinsurance contracts, sourced from the private reinsurance markets, each with distinct exposures and risk/return profiles to suit different investor requirements.
  • All underlying reinsurance contracts in our portfolios are sourced and underwritten by the PartnerRe Underwriting Teams, utilizing modelling, research and underwriting systems & controls developed over 30 years of trading.
  • PartnerRe’s global footprint, strong balance sheet, trading track record and deep broker and insurance company relationships gives it full access to the global reinsurance markets.
  • Working closely with PartnerRe Underwriting & Analytics teams, PRCM monitors portfolio performance to produce timely reporting and insights for investors.

Our Products

  • PRCM offers investment vehicles through a joint-venture reinsurance sidecar program (LorenzRe) and an open-ended Bermuda private fund platform (PRCM Funds).
  • Our current product set offers a range of net modelled returns, dependent on risk tolerance and strategy.

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Andrew Hughes

CEO PartnerRe Capital Management
Desk: +1 441 294 5208
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Barthelemy Thomas

Investor Relations & Business Development, PRCM
Desk: +41 44 385 33 64
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