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September 6, 2016

This award-winning, free App was developed by PartnerRe for property insurance underwriters, insurance portfolio managers, actuaries and intermediaries. The App visualizes the physical parameters of thousands of worldwide past, and potential future, extreme storm events. It is a valuable go-to reference for comparing storm events with exposures in property insurance portfolios and, where applicable, for considering the potential impact of the current ENSO forecast. The latest version of PartnerResearch is fully updated with 2015-2016 storm data and includes the newly added functionalities of (1) ENSO tagging and (2) examples of generated extreme storm events that have not occurred within the historical experience period, but which are physically possible.

At a touch:

  • View the path, extent and intensity of over 4,700 historic extreme storm events, some dating back 116 years, from Australia, Central Pacific, Easte Pacific, North West Pacific, North Atlantic and Europe.
  • For tropical cyclones, find out whether a storm occurred in an “El Niño”, “La Niña” or “ENSO-neutral” period. For any location, identify exactly how many storms occurred within each ENSO state. Consider what this could mean for a portfolio given the current ENSO forecast.
  • View the path, extent and intensity of 147 generated “stochastic” storms for the U.S., Europe and the Caribbean – these are exceptional, 1-in-250 year storm events that have not yet been recorded, but which are physically possible. How, for example, do these compare with the historically recorded storms for a location? How might this impact PML calculations?
  • Easily select, compare and/ or save storms by name, location and year. See how many storms have affected a particular area and how severe they were. How did one storm compare to another? e.g. for Miami, how did the maximum wind speed of Hurricane Donna (1960) compare to Hurricane Andrew (1992)? Or for Japan, how did Typhoon Vera’s geographical footprint (1959) compare to that of Typhoon Mireille (1991)?

Use the data the experts are using

The App was developed by PartnerRe, incorporating wind fields from its advanced proprietary models. Discover more about the App and examples of how it can be used by watching this short demo.

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