Our unique size and structure give us the flexibility to adapt with our clients to increasing market demands. Clients benefit from our local insights, and  global expertise, extensive experience, industry knowledge and strong capital base. We seek a long term partnership with our clients, who can expect exceptional service based on our deep expertise and customer centricity.

We invite you to discover our solutions and services:

Actuarial advice – We provide expert actuarial advice, helping customers to develop and refine products, match price to evolving underwriting standards and tune risk retention to manage risks and improve use of capital. We work proactively with clients to share our analysis and knowledge and to bring tools to them. 

Underwriting services – Our support of a full range of underwriting regimes, from guaranteed and simplified issue through fully underwritten and preferred, helps clients to customize approaches and adapt to changing market and underwriting conditions. Our facultative underwriting service standards are exceptional and we work collaboratively with clients to develop special programs to streamline underwriting. Our clients have access to Partners in the Assessment of Risk (“PAR”), our state of the art, web-based underwriting manual that provides a comprehensive set of underwriting guidelines.

Individual Life Reinsurance – Our individual life risk proposition is focused on helping our clients profitably grow their individual life portfolios across their respective markets and manage the related risk and capital. We support all forms of individual life insurance, including term, universal life, variable life and whole life, across the full range of underwriting regimes. Reinsurance is accepted on a risk premium (YRT) or coinsurance basis, or we can customize risk transfer with bespoke, alternative forms.  We accept risks on a joint and last survivor basis and reinsure supplementary benefits and riders.  Although most of our business is derived from automatic treaties, we offer strong facultative support services and expertise. We also have a successful track record of working with clients to reinsure in-force portfolios. 

Specialty Life – We offer group life and living benefit products, including lump sum benefits payable in the event of death or disability as well as temporary disability benefits in the event of an extended inability to work due to illness or injury. Our reinsurance offerings extend across employer, association and creditor groups. We also offer reinsurance of risks related to business travel accidental death, personal accident, sport and entertainment risk, accidental death carve outs and mortality catastrophes.

Longevity – We have proven experience in writing longevity risk in reinsurance, index and capital market formats. As pioneers of new solutions that helped build today’s longevity market, we continue to invest in new ideas, bringing value to our clients through innovation and quick delivery.  

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