Healthcare costs continue to climb and benefit limits continue to increase. Exposure to catastrophic claims is the greatest it’s ever been. PartnerRe’s PULSE + Plus™ Medical Management is an integrated, state-of-the-art program that helps proactively manage healthcare risk exposures and find optimal solutions for evolving healthcare challenges.

PULSE + Plus™ Medical Management helps optimize both clinical and financial outcomes through a wide range of value-creating services that enhance risk protection at multiple levels. More than just providing a referral, we stay involved throughout process and provide comprehensive solutions which generate real savings.


  • Organ and Tissue Transplant Program
  • High Dollar Claim Review and Negotiation
  • Network Management
  • Specialty Pharmacy Cost Management
  • Diagnosis Specific Cost Management
  • Provider Contracting Services
  • Alternative Payer Advocacy
  • Client Outreach
  • Complex Care Oversight
  • Expert Physician Care Management
  • Specialty Case Management
  • Independent Medical Reviews
  • Research and Education