In a fast changing world, we believe it’s essential for us to take a proactive posture, considering the impact of economic, social, technological and environmental and changes on the business of risk.

The insights we share here through articles, technical reports and apps are designed to help our clients stay abreast of these changes, foresee the likely impact on their businesses, and, by using change to their advantage, stay in the forefront of innovation.

Interview of President, Emmanuel Clarke, speaking with A.M. BestTV at Monte Carlo 

Recent Articles

  • Optimizando su Cuota-Parte

    May 4, 2016

    Colaboradores: Gilles Maret, responsable de Vida del mercado Francés en PartnerRe; Agnès Bruhat, Responsable de Tarificación de Vida para el Sur de Europa, Oriente Medio, América Latina, Canadá Also read this...

  • Capital o riesgo, ¿por qué elegir?

    April 28, 2016

    Colaboradores: Gilles Maret, Responsable del Mercado Vida en Francia y Agnes Bruhat, Responsable de la Tarificación Vida para Francia, Europa del Sur, Medio Oriente, América Latina y Canadá. Con vistas a la directiva Solvencia II,...

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Recent Technical Reports

  • Alternative Capital: The Next Evolution

    December 3, 2015

    In recent years, alternative reinsurance capital has become more issuer-friendly with a series of innovations that have reduced costs, broadened coverage and introduced more efficient and flexible products. Niraj Patel, ILS Portfolio Manager, sets out the ways in which alternative...

  • The Drivers of Catastrophe Bond Pricing

    October 28, 2015

    Catastrophe bonds provide a means for investors to achieve returns that are uncorrelated with the broader financial markets. Niraj Patel, ILS Portfolio Manager, PartnerRe, explains how portfolio managers can make more informed decisions around capital allocation by understanding the attributes...

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The PartnerResearch App provides access to expertly compiled hazard footprints of historical tropical cyclone and European windstorm events. This free App is a go-to reference for comparing historical footprints with exposures in property insurance portfolios.


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