In a fast changing world, we believe it’s essential for us to take a proactive posture, considering the impact of economic, social, technological and environmental and changes on the business of risk.

The insights we share here through articles, technical reports and apps are designed to help our clients stay abreast of these changes, foresee the likely impact on their businesses, and, by using change to their advantage, stay in the forefront of innovation.

Recent Articles

  • Self-Insured Businesses Increasingly Turn to Stop Loss Coverage

    June 15, 2015

    As the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) employer mandate moves into 2015, employers are taking a long, hard look not just at what they spend up front but at actual costs — premiums, administration, fees, and utilization. For many...

  • Are These Charges Appropriate?

    June 15, 2015

    There is often confusion as to whether a medically necessary expense is automatically covered by insurance.  Sometimes an insurer may feel obligated to pay for services or treatment that are prescribed by the treating team.  However, payers must...

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Recent Technical Reports

  • Hospital Claim Payments - Due Diligence for Payers

    April 13, 2015

    Hospital claims are typically the largest and most challenging risk for health plans and payers. Although clinical outcomes may be favorable, inappropriate billing practices and errors, significant inflation of charge and non-covered services may not be identified, resulting in excessive...

  • Global Reinsurance: Strengthening Disaster Risk Resilience

    September 15, 2014

    The Strengthening Disaster Risk Resilience Report was published by The Global Reinsurance Forum (GRF). The GRF is composed of twelve leading global reinsurers; its main objective is to promote a stable, innovative, and competitive worldwide reinsurance market. PartnerRe is a...

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The PartnerResearch App provides access to expertly compiled hazard footprints of historical tropical cyclone and European windstorm events. This free App is a go-to reference for comparing historical footprints with exposures in property insurance portfolios.


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