At PartnerRe we believe in giving back to the communities we work in. While this often takes the form of financial contributions, we are eager to engage with those we support as partners, sharing the expertise of our employees and the global resources and connections of our company.  As partners, we’ll listen closely to the challenges you face, share our understanding, suggest ways we can leverage our knowledge and resources, and offer a comprehensive solution—one that could include grants, professional expertise, employee engagement, matching funds, and connections  throughout our global network.

Partnerships with charitable organizations

PartnerRe supports charities around the world, in countries and cities where we have a significant presence.  If your organization would like to partner with us, please reach out to a contact in one of these PartnerRe offices:

Partnerships for environmental sustainability. 

PartnerRe is committed to environmental sustainability. We currently partner with two organizations, Native Energy and the Swiss Climate Foundation.

Working with NativeEnergy, we strive to reduce the carbon emissions of our offices, and offset carbon consumption from business travel.  To learn more about this initiative, visit

As founding members of the Swiss Climate Foundation, we help fund small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland that are proactive in their approach to reducing CO2 emissions. The foundation provides financial support to SMEs that are engaged in these areas of climate protection:

  • A voluntary energy-reduction commitment within the framework provided by the Energy Agency of the Economy.
  • Energy-efficiency or climate-protection projects in their operations,
  • Development and marketing of innovative products and technologies in the field of climate protection
  • Its partner companies are major service enterprises, and the foundation is open to further companies who wish to contribute to climate protection.